An electrical system in a car is kind of like the nervous system in a human body. The electrical system uses the battery and alternator to create electricity, and it’s sent through the rest of the car to make it work. When your electrical system fails, it’s never a good thing; it will leave you without a car. If you need auto electrical service in Franklin, turn to Grassland Car Care Center, like the other residents in the area have done for over 15 years.

Why you should choose Grassland Car Care Center

Grassland Car Care Center has been around since 1995, and we are the one shop to go to when you need auto electrical service for your car. Offering high-quality and reasonable prices in the Nashville, Franklin Tennessee area.

Auto electrical service has made some advances in technology through the years, though the alternator and battery are still the main focal point of it. But technology is different when you compare a classic car with one of the new models on the road. Whether you are driving a 1964 Mustang or even a 2014 Toyota Prius, the team of experienced professionals at Grassland Car Care Center can handle any and all auto electrical service needs.

Auto repairs include the following:

  • Genuine OEM replacement parts or your choice of high-quality aftermarket parts
  • 3-­Year/36,000-­Mile Warranty (all mechanical and electronic repairs)

We are honest and truly passionate about the cars we work on, and our customers. We strive to save money on your repair, and keep you in the loop as your car is being fixed. For every step of your auto electrical service, you’ll know what the technician is doing.


  • Free local shuttle service
  • Free loaner vehicles
  • Rewards program

Looking for the best auto electrical service shop in your area? Look no further than Grassland Car Care Center. We offer you many years of history, a great staff of knowledgeable technicians and a repair done correctly.

Auto Electrical Service in Franklin, TN

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